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The Last Colony: Is an adventure about the last remaining survivors in a dangerous post-“Dark” America. Three companions are thrust into a situation that is deteriorating faster than they can handle. The small group is forced into a desperate attempt to rescue their loved ones caught in the crossfire of a gruesome military conflict of which they want no part: The Second American Civil War.


It's been a long road but we are finally here with the launch of The Last Colony as a 32 page graphic novel!  This is the first chapter of a war-drama about how far will you go for the ones you love.  Set in an alternate time line of our own in the not too distant future.  If you like the tone of stories such as: The Book of Eli, Defiance, Children of Men, or Black Hawk Down, then you will love The Last Colony.

The Last Colony is a project that has been in development for over 5 years, but in truth is a culmination of my life interests such as the American Civil War, my experiences of what it has been to see a father pass before his time, and challenges of raising three amazing warrior-hearted princesses.

The goal of this project is to develop a grassroots base, as this is the introductory chapter to the full graphic novel. After the release of this first chapter, we plan to release the full graphic novel later in 2021.  With this in mind, the only reason that we will be able to print this first chapter at a high quality is because of YOU. I am humbled by the support that has been shown thus far and it is a true inspiration for me to have this amazing opportunity to share a love of story-telling.  For many of you that know me best, I have never been one to give up on the impossible and while I see this project as a success – in reality, YOU are my community, partners, backers, friends, mentors, colleagues, teammates, true inspiration, and encouragement.  I could not have gotten as far as I have without your unshakable belief in me.  I can’t thank you enough for helping me launch our first campaign, including the future launch of Tikvah Inc.

Currently, the illustrations for this comic are 75% finished with the goal of being 100% by the end of our 60 day Crowdfunding Campaign. The next steps are inking, coloring, and lettering the book. In the meantime, I'll be finishing up to get everything to my American printer by end of campaign.

My expectation for fulfillment is August 2021.

To launch a project like this it costs $3425 to print a high quality book, which also includes taxes, shipping and around 20% goes to costs that pop up from the total raised as well as any refunds and we have built into the overall budget for the project.  This project will be also funding marketing, an editor, and illustration editor, among additional shipping costs.

If we don't reach this goal, then you will be refunded your contribution and the books will not go to print. However, I am confident that we can easily make this happen!

We will be printing in the US so that we can meet the timeframe with less uncontrollable delays as I have experienced in the past when I printed from China. The American printer has a great track record with high quality printings and has produced many other projects to independent comic illustrators. I am so excited to have the opportunity work with them!


Elijah Loving, veteran Graphic Designer is a full-time Illustrator, Comic Book Artist, and Author. You could say he has been working within the industry since childhood to the chagrin of his teachers, always preferring illustrations over writing essays at school because comics and graphic novels were far more fun.  Currently, he lives in small-town Iowa where the wide landscapes and big sky country of the Midwest lend themselves well to his imagination.  He lives there with his family who also challenge the boundaries of his imagination.

Shipping Policy

We are NOW shipping globally!!  We understand that we have lots of followers that live abroad and support our work so we are happy to say we have found a way to support ALL of you!  When you go through the checkout process the shipping cost will automatically be added to the final amount.

Shipping Costs

Shipping is included in the cost of backing the campaign unless you are outside of the Continental United States.  Each reward tier has shipping included within the reward price, that way the guesswork is already taken care of for you.  However, if we are shipping to you internationally or outside the continental United States, an additional shipping cost will be added to your reward. Depending on the country we are shipping to, the average cost is around $44.00 in addition to the backing/award that you have chosen. 

Delivery Times

As we advance through the crowdfunding campaign, be on the lookout for updates on our project's progress.  Once the project is fully funded, end of the campaign is around July 5th, 2021, we will send it to print along with gathering all the materials to ship, and package the printed comics.  While we do have control of the delivery of the comic, we do not have control of the final send date as this will vary based on when we get the materials in our hands and ready to ship them to you.  With that said, our goal is August 2021.

Missing, Lost, or Damaged Items

If, by chance, the fulfillment shows up at your door missing something, lost, or damaged, let us know here so that we can best address the issues you are having.

Crowdfunding Return Policy

We do not offer refunds, returns, or exchanges on items backed on our crowdfunding platform.

Our crowdfunding backers hold a high regard with us and all have a special place in our hearts. Our main focus is to develop a direct connection with you and gather feedback on how we can continue to improve our art,  illustrations, comics, and other ideas to support the community. The rewards received from backing a campaign is not a purchase in a traditional sense, it's more like a token of our deep appreciation for supporting our business and completely making new works into a reality.

We run a small business and the funds from the crowdfunding campaigns are earmarked for getting the projects up and running. As the campaign progresses we are constantly making changes in our budget to improve the project and artwork to ensure faster delivery to our backers. The beauty of crowdfunding is that every backer is dependent on each other, should one leave, the outcome will affect everyone else.

We appreciate your understanding and support. If the rewards are not what you are looking for, we have a few suggestions of what you can do:

1. Give to a friend. You might be sitting on the perfect gift. Share the love and brag about how you were a part of making it into a reality.

2. Sell it. Our Crowdfunding rewards are sold with the expectation that you are directly supporting the artist, so feel welcome to share the love.

Additional information

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Dimensions 31 × 24.6 in

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  1. Phil Poje

    In each engagement, Eli is able to connect with his audience, communicate ideas and knowledge, and impart their learning in a meaningful way. He has a unique talent for communication and connection.

  2. Julia Franklin

    His gentle and guiding nature makes him accessible and approachable, and his clear demonstrations, interactions, and critiques helped him develop relationships with students built on trust and respect.

  3. Sam Hinkhouse

    Now that I’m in the industry, the lessons and feedback Eli has given me throughout the start of my professional career have been invaluable and have helped me advise other colleagues with the design thinking process.

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